Microgrid Lightening System

A) Centralised Lighting System

In this system, all the Solar Panels, Batteries and Control Systems are installed at a single location and power distribution done on existing wiring with all features centrally monitored.

Solar power will charge the battery bank in the daytime and the stored power.


  • Use of existing infrastructure of poles and light fixtures
  • Shifting of maximum load to Solar generated power.
  • LED lights reduce power consumption by minimum of 50%
  • Ease in Solar Panel & battery maintenance.
  • No worry of shadow effect in an area.
  • Reduced dependency on Grid power for lighting.


  • Solar PV Panels
  • Charge Controllers
  • Inverters
  • LED Lights
  • BOS
  • Battery Bank
  • Structures/ Poles


  • Street Lighting in villages and remote locations.
  • Illumination of common areas in housing societies, Industrial and commercial complexes, Roads, Highways, resorts.

B) Village Mini Grid System

Access to energy, especially for rural communities, represents a central pillar of development. The upfront investment required to link villages to the electrical distribution network is and will likely remain prohibitively expensive in terms of construction and community affordability. Solar off-grid energy supply based on mini-grids can be developed and designed to provide essential access to electricity in rural areas. Due to the remoteness of the locations, such solutions, using appropriate business models, represent a cheaper option than extending the national grid.

In this, the electricity generated thru Solar PV Panels goes to an inverter that converts direct current into alternating current, which is then fed directly or indirectly (via the batteries) into the electricity network. The electricity reaches all customers connected to the network as shown in the diagram above.

Mini-grids vary in technical features, with a typical capac­ity being between 1kWp and 200kWp, with different states adopting different capacities and models depending on their local requirements and conditions.