Solar Powered Systems

ATMs and remotely operated electrical devices and requirements can be customized to operate on Solar DC system and Off-Gird Solar Power System.

Solar Powered Bus Stop includes Digital Display shows name of Bus Stop, Luminiries, Wifi System, Fan, Power Supply sockets for Advertise, Mobile and Laptop charging.

Any type of remotely operated ATM's can be customized for DC or Off-Grid Solar Systems.

A) Solar ATMs

Accessibility to ATM’s for remote locations can be made possible thru solar powered ATM’s. A tuned system can be deigned to power the ATM for 24 hours facility.

Solar ATM is nothing but the Solar Powered Off-Grid System. It operates directly on the batteries.

Components: Solar PV Panels, Charge Controller, Inverter, Battery bank.


B) Solar Powered Bus Stop

Solar power is used in bus stops to keep it illuminated the night long without depending on the grid. The bus stop can be also used for advertising.

Components: Solar PV Panels, Inverter with MPPT, Luminary (18W LED Tubelight), Cables & Electrical accessories, Structures, Enclosure.