Solar Air Conditioner

A) Off Grid Solar Air Conditioner

In this system, all the Solar Panels, Batteries and Control Systems are installed at a single location and power distribution done on existing wiring with all features centrally monitored.

Solar power will charge the battery bank in the daytime and the stored power.

Feature: Off grid, Storage battery & MPPT.

Advantage: No using electricity, Solar energy storage available.

Benefit: No bill for electricity, and apply to area without electricity, No matter day time or night time, with sunshine or without sunshine, can use ACfreely.

Technical Features:-

  • Direct DC 48V power supply, no extra conversion device.
  • Easy installation, very similar to the traditional airconditioner.
  • Not limited by power supply and climate, apply for any place use. (Suitable for T3 tropical area)
  • Full 3D Control, adopting well-known DC compressor, DC indoor & outdoor fanmotor.

B) On Grid Hybrid Solar AirConditioner(AC/DC)

Hybrid System FAB:-

  • Feature: Doublepower.
  • Advantage: Saving electricity, max 95% and average 70%, easy installation.
  • Benefit: Reduce electricity cost, and the same installation with usual AC.
  • Feature: Dynamic adjust and solar priority.
  • Advantage: The proportion of solar and electricity is dynamic, when solar down the electricity will up. When no sunshine it will be a full DC inverter by electricity.
  • Benefit: Min 2*265W solar panels, without solar panels can be used as normal DC inverter.

High-Quality Components:

  • Environment friendly refrigerantR410A
  • Well-known brand DC compressor
  • Own-development PCB control system
  • Top brand electronic expansion valve
  • Proven and reliable technology
  • DC remarkable brand indoor & outdoor motor

Advanced frequency control technology:

  • 180°sine wave DC inverter technology (Min 1Hz)
  • 150V-260V Wide-range voltageoperation
  • Power factor correction technology
  • Precise temperature control with ±0.5℃
  • -20℃ low temperaturestart
  • Double row golden fin(faultless) with hydrophilic and anti-corrosionfunction

User-friendly design, Extremeconvenience:

  • Human sleep mode, Improving the quality of rest
  • Open the sleep timer operation conditioning system automatically changes the set temperature (rise 0.5℃ when cooling, reduce 2℃ when heating) per hour to prevent overcool or overheat.

  • Intelligent dehumidification, dry and pleasant
  • Chip control dehumidification, Air flow and temperature are automatically controlled, recommended for use in the rainy season.

  • Precise timing, Free to set the A/C on and offtimes
  • By remote control, Set the air conditioning on or off at any moment within 24 hours. Just click timing on-off button, will be able to set the desired open and shut downtime.

  • Power failure and memory function
  • Even if disconnect the power when the air conditioning is running, will record the operation mode before power failure. Automatically return to the former set mode when the power back.

  • Digital E key button, operation more convenient
  • 1)Normal remote controller has complex operation, but with Econtrol technology, one button to start a number of operations, like automatically cooling, heating, winddirection.

    2) Fluorescent keys innovative design, no need to get up at night, particularly suitable for the elderly andchildren.

    3) Choose the optimum temperature of the human physiological curve according to the four seasons temperature change,Accurate calculation of the computer chip, automatically set the operation mode,avoid overheating or overcooling caused by improper setting, healthy and energy-saving.

    4) Super Remote Sensing, Long-distance all-round remote control, a wide range of signal, Operation is morecasual.